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The debate on emerging challenges of legal education in India, particularly on the nature of law and syllabi has become an understanding phenomenon which is the need of the hour. If we take a bird’s eye view on the legal education in the area of Kota and its surrounding districts is the worst affected due to law of colleges.

We have started our journey with the formation of Excellent Law College with the aim of social development and uplift. The managing committee reiterates itself to complete its commitment to make the excellent law college the best institute in the field of legal education.

We always put our best foot forward for the betterment of our students and society. We are bound to make quality professional. We make endeavors to provide the most conductive educational environment to enable the students to attain the zenith of his/her professional life.

We pray to almighty that he should give us the strength to achieve the committed goal.

About Excellent Law College

The Patriarchal founder of Excellent Public School , envisioned the significance of education and founded Excellent Public School at Dadabari in Kota. This tiny commencement has led to the establishment of Excellent Law College at Barabas. Due to the incessant and industrious Endeavours of the founding father, the Excellent Law college has achieved glory and grandeur in the field of Legal education not only in Kota but in the entire Hadoti region also. The institution was inaugurated by Hon'ble UDH Minister Shri Shanti Dhariwal On May 17, 2011. It has acquired a benchmark. Status on account of the expeditious efforts of the faculty of College.

Legal Aid Clinics are the need of the hour. Keeping it in mind the college established Legal Aid Clinic on April 17, 2015. It has stared organizing programmes for imparting the basic Knowledge of Law . The cell remains open from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM to resolve the Legal problem of the people. The college organizes symposia. Seminars, Workshops Moot Court and debates. The College has a splendid and spacious library with plethora of Legal Books.

The Excellent Law College is situated in a grand building in the lap of nature and tranquil environment. It is striving to fulfill aspiration of the nation with the hope that the law aspirants will certainly win laurels for themselves and for their Alma mater.

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