A. Compulsory Papers A. Compulsory Papers
1. Constitutional Laws of India 5. Special Contracts
2. General Principles of Contract 6. Law of Torts
3. Family Law - I (Hindu Law) 7. Family Law - ii (Muslim Law)
B. Optional Paper (any one) B. Optional Paper (any one)
4. (a) Land Laws including Tenure & Tenancy System 8. (a) Interpretation of statutes including General Clauses Act
  (b) Insurance Law   (b) Equity, trust & bankruptcy Laws
      proficiency Test in English

A. Compulsory Papers A. Compulsory Papers
9. Jurisprudence 14. Company Law
10. Law of Crimes - I (I.P.C.) 15. Public International Law
11. Property Law 16. Labour & Industrial Law
12. Information Technology Law & Right to Information Law 17, Copy right, Patent, Trade Mark and Design Laws
B. Clinical Paper B. Clinical Paper
13. Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System 18. Alternative Dispute Resolution

A. Compulsory Papers A. Compulsory Papers
19. Law of Evidence 24. Law of Crimes-II (Cr. P.C.)
20. Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act 25. Administrative Law
21. Environmental Law 26. Principles of Taxation Law
B. Optional Paper (any one) B. Optional Paper (any one)
22. (i) Criminology Paper-I 27, (i) Criminology Paper-II (Penology)
(ii) Human Rights & Practice (iI) I.L.O. and Labour Laws
C. Clinical Paper C. Clinical Paper
23. Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing 28. Moot Court Exercise and Internship

Admission Procedure


An applicant who has in any discipline of knowledge from a University established by an Act of Parliament or by a State Legislature or an equivalent national institution recognized as a Deemed to be University or Foreign University recognized as equivalent to the status of an Indian University by an authority competent to declare equivalence, may apply for three year degree program  in law leading to the conferment of LL.B. degree on successful completion of the regular program conducted under University of Kota whose degree in law is recognized by the Bar Council of India for the purpose of enrolment . Minimum percentage of marks for admission, not below 45% of the total marks in case of general category applicants and 40% of the total marks in case of SBC,OBC,SC and ST applicants.


Students joining the college are required to abide by all the rules, regulations and instructions that may be issued by the college, authorities from time to time and submit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the college authorities, whose decision in all matters shall be final and the same shall not be called in question on any ground whatsoever.


As per the ordinances Nos, 1154, a student is considered to have kept in term :
If he has completed, to the satisfaction of the Principle, the course of study for such a term for the class to which he belongs and if his attendance is 75% of the total number of working days.


17,500 Rs. (Per Year)


500 Rs. (Per Month)
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